Deploy a GKE Cluster with Portworx

Let’s deploy a nice GKE Cluster with a customized Portworx deployment using security capabilities and encrypted volumes Get your own GCP account, download gcloud and authenticate on your laptop. Wail until having your cluster available Then you can install Portworx using the operator. operator.yaml px-enterprisecluster.yaml You can try to test the features of Portworx deploying … Read more

Chess and more

I will start from the beginning. I started with chess back in 2002, when my brother and I used to play at a small chess club, we were playing just for fun primarily, however, it was pretty exciting because there was many adult players with a solid career on their own fields, such as lawyers, … Read more

CI/CD example with Python, Django, Kubernetes and Okteto

As a sysadmin with experience providing tech support for enterprise applications for around a decade, all this DevOps stuff happened suddenly and little bit silently to be honest, mostly because when your main concerns are to keep the daily operations working properly and the IT infrastructure doing well, there is no much time to look … Read more

Infrastructure as Code approach, a real life example OCP with Vagrant

As is well known, the Infrastructure as Code approach is nowadays the trendy topic of IT industry in almost all tech companies, it has been for years on startups, and after passed the quality tests is becoming a reality on bigger and older companies, even on the pretty old and very conservative institutions such as … Read more